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Welcome to the CPAA

The leading member association for accountants engaged in public practice in the UK and overseas. We exist to support today’s public accountancy community develop the practices of tomorrow.

I've worked in a small practice, as a bookkeeper, for a few years and the CPAA qualifications have really given me the confidence to take on more responsibility. It's refreshing to be able to study things that are actually relevant to my work!

Claire Taylor, CPAA Student

The CPAA is an organisation which understands the needs of small accountancy practitioners. The CPD webinars are the most relevant I have ever participated in and the Member Insurance Scheme gives me peace of mind.

Muhammad Khan, CPAA Member

Benefits of membership

The Association offers three different types of membership based upon each applicant’s circumstances. Each grade of membership offers different benefits tailored towards the member’s needs.


UK Full Practicing

This is our most popular form of membership and includes all of our benefits. It is open to those based in the UK, who have control over an accountancy practice.

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  • Use of the Appropriate Designation (‘acpa’/‘fcpa’)
  • CPD Webinars 
  • CPD Seminars
  • Practising Certificate
  • News and Updates
  • Technical Support 

UK Non-Practicing

This form of membership is open to those based in the UK, who are employed in an accountancy role, or who are retired.

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  • Use of the Appropriate Designation (‘acpa’/‘fcpa’)
  • CPD Seminars
  • Webinars
  • News and Updates
  • Support Documents


This affiliate grade of membership is open to those employed as accountants outside of the UK.

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  • Use of the Appropriate Designation (‘acpa’/‘fcpa’)
  • Webinars
  • News and Updates
  • Affiliation to a UK based professional membership organisation 

Looking for a Qualification?

If you are interested in obtaining one of the vocational qualifications we offer you must register as a student with us.

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Why study
with the CPAA?


Our qualifications will give you real,
practical knowledge and skills.


You do not need any prior experience to register for our Level 3 qualification.


You have five years to complete the qualification and all assessments are done at home.

Career Development

Continue your journey with CPAA by becoming a full member and taking advantage of our member benefits.

What qualifications do we offer?

If you are interested in obtaining one of the qualifications we offer, a level 3 certificate or level 4 diploma you can learn more below.

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Meet the members of CPAA, the beautiful minds behind the association for accountants.