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Our CPD is provided to our Members to help them meet their CPD requirements and to offer them bespoke technical insight into tax, compliance and accounting issues affecting them and their clients. 


How to Register

CPAA seminars and webinars are provided free of charge to Members of the Association. Members will receive an email notification to their registered email one week before an event, enabling them to register. 

If you are not a Member but want to participate in a CPAA webinar or seminar you will need to join. 

CPAA Seminar and Webinar FAQ

I haven't had any registration emails

If you are a Member and haven’t received any registration emails, please email admin@cpaa.co.uk. 

How do you record attendance?

We keep a log of all CPD our Members complete with us. Members do not have to maintain their own records of CPD they do with us. 

Can you confirm I have attend a CPD event?

Yes. Please email admin@cpaa.co.uk

How long are the webinars/seminars?

Our webinars each last an hour. We provide over twenty-hours of technical CPD webinars a year. 

Our seminars last anywhere from half a day to a full day. They feature a technical speaker for at least half a day and networking/discussion time.