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Welcome to the dynamic events section of the Certified Public Accountants Association! We've planned a series of insightful events, from workshops to exclusive launches, tailor-made to enrich your professional journey.

To keep you updated, we'll send out registration emails with all the event details and a straightforward registration link. Seats fill up quickly, so upon receiving our email, don’t delay! We eagerly anticipate your participation at our forthcoming events. Stay connected for a rewarding and enlightening experience!

2023 Webinar Catchup

September 03 Tax Update/Ros  
 August 23 Tax Update/Ros Martin $9Bbb5!%
 August 10  Divorce/Russell Cockburn  
 July 25  Tax Update/Ros Martin  
 July 13  AML/Richard Simms  
 July 11  VAT/Dean Wooten  
 June 29  Tax Update/Ros Martin  
 June 21 CT/Kevin Reed  
 June 13 Share Schemes/Jeremy Mindell  
June 6 VAT/Malcolm Greenbaum  
May 31 Tax Update/Ros Martin